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Vantage points around the uk Starting with my home Port Belfast : Titanic Dock and Pump House offers a good vantage point for taking photos of ships berthed on Stormont, West Twin, Ship Repair Quay and long distance down to Victoria Terminal. It is also a good vantage point for ships entering York and Barnets Docks along with ships entering the Musgrave and Herdman Channels for Pollock Dock and the Oil Berths. Within the Port itself is prohibited unless you are lucky enough to hold a permit. From Airport Road along the coastal footpath to Bangor gives you good vantages for in and outbound traffic. Caution needs to be taken around the Kinniger barracks at Hollywood. Bangor is good for ships in the deep water anchorage if you have a long focal lens. Larne : Personly I have found the best vantage point is Balleylumford Harbour which gives you good views across to the ferry terminal and of anything in or out of the harbour. Back to my old home ports and Goole : Probably the best port in the world for ship photographers. A public footpath runs right through the docks so phots are always good. Hull : Apart from the river path photos are now limited at Hull. Follow the river footpath at high tide and in and outbound river shots are good with a good focal lens. The lock gates at each of the thre docks get you good in and out shots but anything berthed is to a minimum. Humber Bridge for good aerial shotsbut take care. Down to my old second home the South Coast Weymouth and Portland : Weymouth Harbour and Bay are very accessible, North Gardens is a good spot as it gives you views of the bay,harbour and over to Portland. On Portland itself I have found up at the Verne Prison you have a great view down into the harbour and across to Weymouth. Portland Bill can get you some outstanding shots of shipping in the English Channel, especialy in bad weather. Long lenses and tripod are required for good results. Southampton : Mayflower Gardens although this area is closed for around 3 weeks in September for the Boat Show. Town Quay for good shots of the container ships, vehicle carriers and cruise ships entering and leaving port. Itchen Bridge for vessels entering and leaving the River Itchen. Hamble : Along the foreshore for views across to Fawley oil terminal. Calshot and Cowes : For Shipping entering and departing Southampton water. Shanklin and Sandown Isle of Wight : For ships using Channel shipping lanes again a long lenses and a tripod needed. Ryde : End of the pier offers good views of vessels entering and departing Portsmouth and Southampton. Tynemouth : Good views of shipping entering and departing the River Tyne Liverpool : Pier head is the best point for the ferries plus shipping using the Manchester Ship Canal. Crosby : The foreshore for shipping entering and departing the River Mersey. If you want to add to any of my suggestions or have your own vantage points for ship spotting at any port let me know by e-mail rb-photography@hotmail.co.uk
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